Monday, 15 April 2013

The Truth about Natalie Portman...

It's not unknown that Natalie Portman is showered with praise and affection worldwide for her powerful performance as an actress and inspirational. Although Portman's timeless beauty and elegance is not necessarily something you can brush on with make up or spritz on with perfume (like adverts may suggest!). You can still enhance your own looks by following her surprisingly affordable skin care and overall healthy routine...

  Her golden beauty rule: “Don’t overdo the brows — stop plucking now or you’ll regret it.” This is a vital piece of beauty information! I've seen so many people over pluck their brows to the point where there are only a few sparse hairs remaining! It's oh so easy to get too enthusiastic about neatening your brows, but remember that thicker eyebrows look more natural and expressive.
Her Product Essentials: “I love Pai organic skincare — particulary the Chamomile and Rosehip Cream. I am also a fan of Lucas’ Papaw Ointment — my best friend sends it to me [from Australia].” It sounds great doesn't it! Just reading it makes me imagine it's aromatic and intoxicating smell. With products it's always best to buy quality, even if it means spending a little more than you usually would if it means that you'll gain all the improvement that you want to see in your skin.
Her make-up bag must have's: “I was never into red lipstick, but I wore Rouge Dior Rouge Blossom for the Miss Dior Chèrie ad [directed by Sofia Coppola] and I’ve loved it ever since. And the Diorshow Mascara is amazing. In perfume I love florals and jasmine. When I was filming Star Wars in Tunisia, kids on the streets used to sell us jasmine. I’m a one-perfume kind of girl — that way, people recognise it when you walk into a room.” The classic red lipstick never fails to give that instant sultry/sexy look and floral perfume simply enhances your femininity and not to mention the way that people perceive you! According to, Women who where floral scents feel more seductive...I think I may test this theory tomorrow ;D
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  1. That cream sounds absolutely divine! I agree with her that beauty equals simplicity, nothing over done but on that note a swipe of a red lip is always beautiful!