Thursday, 18 April 2013

MANGO The Tourist Collection 2013

I am head over heels in love with MANGO's new summer collections. Although I love the pretty and feminine pastel pinks and blues from the 'Ready for Summer' collection, I'm utterly entranced by the beautifully exotic look of 'The Tourist' collection which features Geometric Prints, gold and turquoise and a touch of edgy florals. The perfect wardrobe for going somewhere hot!
The Tourist
Doesn't this look make you imagine a tropical warm breeze or just relaxing on a rooftop as you watch the red hot sun slowly melt into the horizon...These clothes will really get you in the holiday spirit even if going abroad is not your destination for the upcoming summer, bring the exotic into your wardrobe!
Moroccan what I want to call this outfit, it just defines it's striking nativeness! LOVE IT.
Casual with a tourist like twist...I'm loving the authentic beige tones with the hint of turquoise to create a mesmerizing twist. It's the ultimate sightseeing outfit! The one on the right would be great for the beach...

What do you think of these exotic styles, does it also transport you to a place where the sun always shines?


  1. I love this! Especially the last one to the left. I definitely feel transported haha. Now following, I love your blog.

  2. Those clothes are gorgeous. Love those printed trousers. x :)