Saturday, 13 April 2013

The Naturally Beautiful and Inspirational...Rachel Weisz

42 years old!! I couldn't believe it! When looking on the front cover of the newest Vogue magazine; I admired Rachel Weisz' warm and glowing complexion and naturally assumed that she must be in her late 20's or early 30's...However when I read through her interview I was very surprised at her age considering how youthful she looks! Rachel's natural beauty is surely an inspiration to so many women who aspire to retain their youth. She really makes the phrase "your as young as you feel" a reality as the article says " Being in her forties suits her. She's still minxy, obviously, with those dramatic features and raven hair, but she seems wiser, more maternal, perhaps". Rachel Weisz has really challenged my attitude to the thought of aging with her positive perspective of growing older, saying "but then I loved turning 40, and the idea of turning 50 is fantastic". Perhaps living and breathing health and positivity really will make you blossom with age!   [Rachel Weisz wears cashmere sweater, £720, Celine at Dover Street Market and Selfridges. All hair and make-up by L'Oreal Paris. Make-up: Lisa Butler. Nails: Sophy Robson. Set design: Andy Hillman. Fashion editor: Francesca Burns. Photographer: Alasdair McLellan.Rachel Weisz.]

  [wool/casmere and cotton/lace dress. from £1,300 Sacai, at Dover Street Market, Feathers, Joseph and Selfridges. Satin Shoes £322. Celine at Selfridges
however, she is not only blessed with stunning beauty, but she's also known to be very intelligent, incredibly accomplished and according to vogue '"smart, smart, smart"! In 2006 she won an oscar for her role of Tessa Quuayle in the The Constant Gardener, and her Blanche DuBois in the production of Streetcar won an Olivier. No wonder America has embraced her with welcoming arms!At the moment I'm not concerned about age. At the age of 16, my life has only just begun and I have so many dreams for the future...Though when I reach 40 I hope that I continue to embrace each year that I age; instead of beginning to dread each birthday for presenting me with a new wrinkle! I really admire Rachel's positive attitude towards age; it's just so refreshing to see that she loves her age without letting it define her, and I hope that I share this perspective in the future :D

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