Wednesday, 17 April 2013

MANGO, Louise Roe and Self-expression...

"deep down, all women have the same dreams and insecurities. It's comforting - there's a very universal empathy" - Louise Roe, Fashion journalist. Whilst browsing through the MANGO website, I came across this quote which I can't help but truly empathise with. As a 17 year old student I feel as though everyday I'm getting to know myself a teensy bit better and understanding the importance of being true to myself when it's so easy to turn into a fashion/personality sheep! So many times I've fallen into the trap of becoming a people-pleaser; but one of the things that you eventually learn with self-growth is that you need to stay true to yourself and not try to fit the mould. One of the great things about fashion is that it is the ultimate form of self expression...
Louise wears Boyfriend trousers, shirt with abstract print and belt with fluoride touch. I love this look! Casual but with a touch of class.
To create a really feminine outfit Louise usually wears tube skirts and for everyday wear combines them with sweaters or jumpers. I adore this look as it's super flattering for women with slender but curvy figures, it really brings attention to your gorgeous hourglass shape!

Louise Roe has been hosting the TV-series Plain Jane which has aired in 66 countries, has gained a mass response in social media including thousands of young women who have been inspired to be more confident in themselves after watching the show. I haven't had the chance to watch this yet but I will be once I've finished this post! Click on the link above to watch a the Plain Jane episodes and tell me what you think! 
What do you guys think about feminine fashion? Please share below!


  1. I love that quote it's so true. That first look is one of my favourites for everyday, casual with a touch of elegance!

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