Saturday, 13 April 2013

The Secret to Success in the Fashion Industry...

Do you want to be successful in the fashion industry? If yes, then you need to grasp the opportunities for yourself. Although a lucky few manage to pursue opportunities when they happen to come their way; most search desperately for a doorway into the industry with undying determination and persistance. Don't expect chance to hand you your dream career on a golden plate...You've gotta fight for it! However, a great way into the fashion industry is internship, a vital learning tool which will assist you in learning key skills that'll help you in the long run! Once you find or are offered an internship DO NOT take it for granted! You can make the most of it in so many ways...
1.Take Initiative. Don't just do the tasks that are given to you, find another task that needs to be
completed. Supervisors will always be impressed when people offer to do things without being asked. It shows your enthusiasm and willingness to work - qualities which don't go unnoticed. Being a 1 in 20 interns will make it difficult for you to stand out from your peers. This means that you need to go the extra mile to ensure that your supervisor recognises your special qualities that separate you from the crowd. Get to know your supervisors, skills and education can take you far but a warm and friendly smile can go a long way too. Developing friendly relationships with people in the fashion industry can hugely benefit you - giving you important contacts who'll give you positive references for a job that you pursue!
2.Be Proactive."I love to see someone be proactive about pitching ideas."-Jane Keltner de Valle, Senior Fashion News Director.Yep, although you may be an intern, it doesn't mean you shouldn't contribute valid ideas or feel inferior and intimidated to express your own opinions. Speak up! Supervisors want to know about what you're interested in and what's on your mind. If they like your proposal then they are likely to use it! Also, confidence in discussing ideas is key to this industry and essential to enthusiastically express ideas. So make yourself heard!
3.Dress for the Job you Want, not the job you have. First impressions are important and if you're dressed in something plain and boring then they'll simply assume that you lack style and creativity and in an're crossed of their list.If you are uncertain about what to wear, try taking tips and cues from other people in the office. You need to stay professional, but also show off your creative eye. Employers don't look for designer labels when they're hiring, but also look for a sense of personal style. Working at a magazine is a visual job. They want to know that the person has an eye and a certain taste level that is in line with the Fashion brand they're hoping to work for.  
4.Network! Of course you want to make a good impression on the boss, though what people often don't realise is that it's equally important to develop relationships with your peers. Don't discount the value of networking with other assistants and interns. Although they may not be at the top of the masthead right now, they are the people who are going to be growing up in the industry with you and who could be recommending you for your next job! Don't write them off!
Good luck readers with any great opportunities that you find in life, remember this advice!

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