Thursday, 6 February 2014

The True Definition of 'Beautiful'.

When I think of someone as 'beautiful', it goes far beyond skin deep. There will always be people that are aesthetically beautiful, it's a global blessing. Women with beautiful slim or curvaceous figures, sparkling doe-like eyes, smiles that melt hearts... all of these aesthetic qualities however, should only be considered as pretty accessories in addition to a warm soul, as that is where the essence of beauty is found. You'll understand what I mean if you've ever met someone, naturally judged them via there appearance, and then surprised you as you got to know them. A cheerful spirit or a loving heart are qualities that make someone appear twice or thrice times more attractive. fact.

Looking happy and healthy is a timeless attraction. What is more beautiful than a healthy, happy face or just someone who looks comfortable and relaxed in their own skin? As simplistic as these qualities maybe, they form the basis of all strong relationships, and should not be underrated! I feel as though society today places too much emphasis on the physical and the aspiration to become 'perfect'.

Sometimes competitive fashionista's or make up fanatics can be a little obnoxious, and although I feel that it is a great way through which to express creativity and individuality, when used to an excess, it can be suffocating. Coating the beauty and personality that exists beneath it, and becoming dependent on material things to shape an artificial version. As much as I love fashion and make up for the diversity it provides...when depended upon too heavily and sought to boost happiness, it can break you rather than 'make' you. Love the bare faced, fashionless you first, then accessorize.

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