Wednesday, 5 February 2014

My Sister's 'Big Chop' Hair Inspiration

After hours of enthusiastically sifting through 'Big Chop' photo's - Before and After's of women going from having long dead, bone-dry relaxed hair, to lustrous curly fro's, my sister was nothing short of inspired to take on a pair of giant scissors and chop chop chop! She certainly cut away over half of her hairs initial length, but decided against cutting her hair down to stubble, in spite of her impulse to cut down to the new growth .
I admire her bravery for committing so massively to her hairs health, going so far as to cut off ALOT of her relaxed hair in a bid to stop breakage between the natural and processed hair. I know I would find it very difficult to part with my locks. 'I plan to cut my hair really short for next college term' she told me defiantly while braiding her fro into a protective style. I admire her ignorance towards those in society who wouldn't understand the goodness, beauty and health benefits that arise from mixed/black girls who do 'the big chop'. Natural will always be beautiful to me.
So far my sister has had some healthy looking new growth and her au naturelle future is looking wonderfully promising!
As much as I love to see a Big Chop in progression, I could never take on this enormous, waiting waiting feat myself. Even though the ends of my mostly relaxed hair may be dry, I am lucky in that my hair grows about 2 inches a month and I am determined to pamper each strand back to health using some gloriously rich natural products like Coconut and Argan oils that my hair soaks up appreciatively. I need to ditch the heat products to embrace the wild curly mass I was born with.

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