Monday, 31 August 2015

Social Media is Ruining your Future.

It is half 2 in the morning and I am wide awake. Whether that's because of my jet lag or because the buzz of social media has given me insomnia, I do not know. What I do know however, is that social media has come to be a strong touchstone for inscribing memories throughout my life. I've even researched that scientists have discovered that social media has the power to corrupt our memories by replacing them with the images we observe sentimentally, on our laptop/phone screens.
  Over the past year my use of Facebook has escalated and I can't help but feel it has become an unhealthy addiction and form of procrastination. Its depressing to think that for all the hours I've spent on Facebook during my lifetime; I could have applied that time productively, enhancing my skills and actually going outside more to socialize. It's a little early in the year for resolutions but I, and you too, should commit yourself to not only avoiding routinely scrolling through your news feed, tweets and whatever your smartphone app is claiming all your attention, to living in the present AND future.
  My focus and my discipline has been damaged by social media. Studying English Literature at degree level is by far a subject that requires your utmost, undying and focused attention, as their is so much you have to learn, to process and meanings to decipher. It's difficult. Scrolling mindlessly through Facebook is an easy escape from the hardship that is study, and admittedly, it plays with your fomo (fear of missing out). Because all students are having fun all day, seven days a week right? Reality - they are stuck in a social media rut too.
How can you channel your energy into your goals when you are more concerned with that notification? Determination and ambition are qualities I strongly value but lately they have waned. In 10 years will I remember that retweet? Or that instagram post? Probably not.
Long term happiness and goals are much deeper than short term impulses. It's important to centre your thoughts, and really really, its okay to step away from the screens... Be less concerned about the buzz on social media, it's an illusion, a virtual world where you can't build your future.
   Overuse of social media has been linked with narcissistic tendencies. In recent years it has become less about connecting with friends and family, but rather come to be a social parade. Where people flaunt images that present their lives in a very honey coated kind of way...(notice how everyone posts their highlights rather than the gritty bits in between). Do you see many people posting images of themselves reading? Studying? Cooking? Cleaning? I know I haven't. And it doesn't mean it doesn't happen behind the scenes... Of course it does, hard work is done behind the glittering facade of Facebook, but ultimately only by those who aren't influenced into feeling that they should be having fun, right here, right now, 24/7. Some of the strongest people are those that aren't afraid of embracing the mundane, low key aspects of order to attain something great in the future, following a set path, even if it is difficult. If you know what you want, don't expect Instagram or a facebook update to give it you. Put your phone down, and go after it. ❤
Yours sincerely,
Restless, jetlagged, 19 year old, English Lit student.