Monday, 18 November 2013

Star Wars Auditions: How to get a call-back

10th November 2013, Bristol. 2,500 queuing to audition, 75 call-backs, 2 lead roles. The chance you’ll be travelling to a galaxy far far away is pretty slim so you are going to need this advice.

 J. J Abrams is looking for two new young stars.
A beautiful, smart and athletic girl aged 16-18 of any ethnicity (including bi-racial and mixed race), to play ‘Rachel’.
A handsome, smart, and athletic man aged between 19 and 23 to play ‘Thomas’.
Brief outline of my sis who got a call back (lets call her Cassie):
-She is within the age range because she's 16
-She is tall (5"7) and toned
-She is pretty
-She has a strong presence
-She is mixed race, half black and half white (I think being mixed race helps as it attracts a worldwide audience), according to Cassie, most of the girls at the call backs had dark hair and were mixed race!...

So…Do you want to know how my sister aced her audition? Well, the secret’s out.
    1. Be Athletic. Yes as simple as it may sound I cannot stress this enough. It’s no use turning up to the auditions primed and preened or powdered to perfection if you are about as toned as a bean pole, you will be out of the studio in less than 30 seconds. This is what Cassie said, ‘All the girls around me were really pretty, I thought I had no chance’, but Cassie’s success shows that beauty alone is not enough to fit Disney’s criteria. Bearing in mind that she has a naturally athletic figure, Cassie would also be lifting small weights and planking in the corridor at home to give herself the edge. The casting crew want to see someone with a strong presence. ‘A member of the casting crew smiled at me as soon as he saw me in the line, winked at me saying to his colleague “Could you take this young lady to help her fill out her forms…” and she took me into the studio and gave me a call-back slip. All I did was smile broadly and stand tall with my legs in a wide stance’. From this it is clear that body language is important. Key point: Stand out by appearing bold, confident and strong. Disney are not looking for simply attractive teens to wield a light saber, but attractive teens with power.

2. Be Natural and Humble. Although some may tell you to ‘fake it till you make it’ this will not work with the Disney casting crew because you see… they are not stupid, they know a star when they see one whether they are dressed from head to toe in Chanel or not. ‘There were guys dressed up in suits and ties and girls that looked like they were going to a party, but they weren’t given call-backs. All I wore was a plain long sleeve top and black jeans!’ After queuing for 7 hours in the rain her nerves had vanished ‘By the time I got in to meet a casting director I was so tired I didn’t feel nervous at all!’.

4. Dress for the part, not as the part…as fun as it may be to dress up as Leia or Darth Vadar, DON’T, the directors will mentally decline for being stupid before you even have the chance to speak! Dress casual and neat…your body language is what will give them the biggest impression…stand tall and strong, keep eye contact and feel positive and self assured, smile!

5. Get there for 5… at the latest! The London auditions are coming up which will most likely have the most people queuing yet! As you might have read on the news there were people queuing from 2am to ensure that they are seen because trust me…thousands of people are clawing for this chance to be cast as Rachel/Thomas.

So guys, embrace this once in a lifetime opportunity to star in a major motion picture, give it your best shot!

Have any star wars call back stories/advice of your own? Feel free to comment below!