Thursday, 15 September 2016

Psychology: Suffering for Success. How Pain Evokes Resilience.

Hardship is an inevitable aspect of life. This is why our attitude amidst hardship is integral to how we are ultimately defined.

'Success' is merely the end product of a consistently healthy attitude towards challenges. Without difficulty how can we develop the strength needed to tackle obstacles? And without failure how can we learn and overcome our limitations?

Picture the view from the summit of a mountain. It is breathtaking, the epitomized symbol of success. It is also merely a fragment of the climbers journey. The witnessed beauty is equally the product of endurance through immense physical pain, psychological barriers and emotional distress. The climbers prior struggle's were essential for building the muscle necessary for such an endeavour. It encapsulates the successful attitude that pain is only a temporary stepping stone.

A stepping stone towards the elation that comes from reaching the summit.

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